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Reference: Phylogenetic and Evolutionary Studies of Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus Isolates from Canada
Key Statements


This study investigated the phylogenetic relationship of grapevine Pinot gris virus (GPGV) isolates from Canada with GPGV isolates reported worldwide. Full-length genomes of 25 GPGV isolates representing the main four grape-growing regions in Canada (British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec) were sequenced and compared to genomes of 43 GPGV isolates representing eight countries and three continents. Phylogenetic analysis based on full genome sequences revealed an unambiguous separation of North American GPGV isolates with isolates from Europe and Asia. Within the North American clade, GPGV isolates from the USA segregated into a distinct subclade, whereas the relationships amongst GPGV isolates from different regions of Canada were not clearly defined. The phylogenetic analysis of the overlapping regions of MP and CP genes involving 169 isolates from 14 countries resulted in two distinctive clades, which were seemingly independent of their country of origin. Clade 1 included the majority of asymptomatic isolates (81% asymptomatic), whereas clade 2 was predominantly formed of symptomatic isolates (78% symptomatic). This research is the first study focused on the genetic variability and origin of GPGV in Canada.

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Publication Details

Published: 2023
Publication: Viruses
Issue: 2023 15-3-735
Author: Vu M 2023


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