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Reference: An extended model of wine fermentation including aromas and acids
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The art of viticulture and the quest for making wines has a long tradition and it just started recently that mathematicians entered this field with their main contribution of modelling alcoholic fermentation. These models consist of systems of ordinary differential equations that describe the kinetics of the bio-chemical reactions occurring in the fermentation process. The aim of this paper is to present a new model of wine fermentation that accurately describes the yeast dying component, the presence of glucose transporters, and the formation of aromas and acids. Therefore the new model could become a valuable tool to predict the taste of the wine and provide the starting point for an emerging control technology that aims at improving the quality of the wine by steering a well-behaved fermentation process that is also energetically more efficient. Results of numerical simulations are presented that successfully confirm the validity of the proposed model by comparison with real data.

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Published: 2019
Publication: Quantitative Biology- Molecular Networks
Issue: 2019 Online January 2019
Author: Bartsch J 2019

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