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This week- Lactic acid- the MLF killer, On the role of springtime soil water content, Tannin additions to manage Botrytis effects, Scanning for disease, Passive air conduction systems in wineries, Ethephon application increases YAN- with side effects, Creating fictional places for the sake of wine marketing, GSE in beef patties, Predicting protein haze from berry composition, Pulsed light treatment pre-ferment, Phenylalanine application and anthocyanins, ABA application to alleviate salinity stress, Wine professionals teeth colour, Sucrose application increases monoterpenes, Wine stigma- the bad reputation trap, Maxed out Viniferin, UV manipulation and berry composition, Cultivation to reduce GRBV vectors?, Non-saccharomyces yeasts and Rosé, GLRaV-3 detection in grafts, Shotgun metagenomics, Pruning and Esca, Nighttime transpiration, Using the volatilome to detect fraud + Sustainability (3), Cultivars (3), VitiSynth Wine LoT © Updates, Genetics (4), HACCP (1), Health (3), New products (1), Research on research (1), Table grapes (3), Vine physiology (3), Vineyard management (2), Wine (1), Winemaking (5), Wine marketing & tourism (2) and Wine sensory (1).



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