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This week- Leaf extracts and COVID, Water potential threshold for berry size, NDVI and yeast species richness, On the use of nanotechnology in the wine industry, Gen Z marketing, Berry cell walls and Botrytis susceptibility, Anthocyanin effect on tannin extraction, Blockchaining wine info, And more on working together..., Wine tasting and brain function, More on the effects of transport temperature on wine quality, Eco certifications go head-to-head, On the need for PDOs in South Africa, More on eye-tracking label interest + Sustainability (4), Ampelography (1), Business (4), Climate change (1), Cultivars (1), VitiSynth Correlate © Updates, VitiSynth Wine LoT © Updates, Environment (1), Genes (1), History (1), Laboratory (1), New products (5), Robotics (1), Trunk diseases etc. (1),  Vine physiology (1), Vineyard management (4), Wine & culture (1), Winemaking (1) and Wine marketing & tourism (4).



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